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Oufo is not only a professional big stone supplier, but also a services provider for providing the stone project solutions. we are a large stone integrated enterprise with a wealth of industry experience. We have green mining technology and be a world leader in product design, with standardization of production and perfect quality management systems, providing customers with unsurpassed quality products and services. Oufo certification meets the ISO9001, CE and BSCI quality assurance standards.We own a sound quality management system. Our production and design is specified according to customer requirements in providing finished stone projects. Our participation in a large number of infrastructure projects across Europe, Japan and Australia, we got high reputation in all over the world, and built the trust with all of our clients. Major logistics and shipping companies are our direct business partners, they can be satisfied by our customers for their variety of land and sea transportation requirements. Our raw materials, production and processing have been recognized by the government and SGS line with international standards.

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Macheng in Hubei is home of Oufo’s largest G603 mine. We work with all major granite mining and processing factories such as, G654, G682, Grey Snow and Shanxi black. you are always encouraged and welcomed to visit our quarries ,factories and office.

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ADD:No.1 Huajian Road,Central Stone Industrial Park, Macheng City, Hubei Province
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